Treat your furry companions to a
at Pet Lover Central

Our top-notch boarding, daycare, and grooming services are designed to ensure your pet feels right at home while having endless fun all summer long. With plenty of playtime, socialization, and pampering, your pet will be in the best hands, making new friends and enjoying every moment.

Our Services

Dog Boarding

Your furry friend will enjoy a luxurious stay in our comfortable boarding suites, complete with personalized care, ample playtime, and attentive staff to ensure their happiness and well-being.

Dog Daycare

Elevate your dog's day with our premier daycare services, where safety meets excitement. Our dedicated team ensures a secure environment for furry friends to play and socialize.

Dog Grooming

Treat your pet with our luxury grooming. From baths to specialized trims, our expert groomers ensure a stress-free experience, leaving your dog looking and feeling their best.

Dog Training

Whether you're seeking basic obedience or specialized skills, our experienced trainers provide personalized attention and expert guidance to help you achieve your training goals.

Location & Contact Information

Whether you have questions about our services or need assistance with directions, feel free to contact us – our friendly staff is here to help!


Yes! We have three play rooms to accommodate all pups; small, medium, and big dog room.

We do ask that you make reservations to ensure we have adequate space, but we understand life happens. You can always give us a call to check if we have space. Daycare and boarding is on a first come, first served basis.

Monday – Friday: 7am to 6:45pm
Saturday: 9am – 5:45pm
Sunday: 5pm-6pm
*open Sunday for boarding pick-ups only. 

We can’t wait to meet your pup! We will get you scheduled for our introductory evaluation day. It is a free day of play and we will monitor your dog to ensure they enjoy group play.

We can administer any oral or topical medications. We cannot administer any injectables.

We take a $50 deposit for all boarding reservations. If you cancel more than 3 days prior to the start of the reservation, it will be refunded. If you cancel less than 3 days before the start of the reservation, the deposit will be forfeited. For holidays, if you cancel less than 7 days prior to the start of the reservation, the deposit will be forfeited.

We offer Stay & Train programs in lengths of 10, 15, 21 and 28 days and you can add as many individual days as you’d like. The longer your pet stays, the more powerful the results.

Absolutely! We offer a special Puppy 10 Day Stay & Train bundle designed just for your sweet young one. It includes everything our normal 10-day package has to offer, but it’s built especially for introducing puppies to the fundamentals while offering plenty of extra play, rest, and love.

There’s no age limit for the canine students at Petlover Central. While training early in your dog’s life sets important groundwork, dogs are always capable of learning. For all our students, our trainers us the repetition, consistency, and patience needed to help dogs of any age pick up new skills.

Not at all. This is one of the reasons Petlover Central has a team of trainers rather than just one. During their Stay & Train, your dog will meet and learn from multiple people, which ensures they associate praise & reward with the commands they’re given—not the person who gives them.

If they are over the age of 8 months, we do require that they are spayed or neutered.

We require Bordatella, DHPP, and Rabies. We also highly recommend Canine Influenza.

If your pet should require medical attention while in our care, we will make every attempt to contact you or your emergency contact. If we are unable to reach you, our customary procedure is to contact your veterinarian. All charges incurred will be your responsibility. If it is an emergency, we will take your pet to the closest veterinarian.

We ask that all dogs are in by 12pm and you can pick up whenever you’d like!

We ask that you bring their food, bagged and labelled per serving to avoid a pre-bagging fee, and you may bring a blanket from home to help them settle in. We do not accept any toys or large beds.

That’s okay! We have private play options for dogs who enjoy human attention.

Drop off:

    • Weekdays (excluding holidays): 7am – 12pm
    • Saturdays: 9am – 12pm 

Pick up: 

    • Weekdays (excluding holidays): 7am – 8am (no activities/daycare charged) 8am – 6:45pm (activities/daycare charged for day)
    • Saturdays: 9am – 10am (no activities/daycare charge) 10am – 5:45pm (activities/daycare charged for the day)
    • Sundays: 5pm – 6pm

You can bring your furry friend for as many or as few days as you prefer, though we highly recommend coming in for multiple visits in a short time frame. A favorite among our training clients is our 10 Day Play & Train Package, a discounted program good for 10 days of Play & Train that you can use at your discretion.

Yes! If you don’t need or want a full day of daycare, we can offer Play & Train at half-day intervals. You can choose how much training your pup enjoys during their half-day visit, too. Did we mention our 10 Day Play & Train Package can be used for half day visits?

Certainly! Petlover Central offers a custom, one-on-one daycare experience just for pups like yours. Instead of group playtime, your dog will enjoy private playtime with a specially trained staff member doing whatever your pup likes most. Between private playtimes they’ll receive training lessons with a trainer!

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