Dog Daycare in Boca Raton, FL

Our dog daycare is a haven where your pet receives personalized attention and ample playtime. Serving Boca Raton, Pompano Beach, and the surrounding areas with love and care.

Large group of dogs in play area | Petlover Central

Dog Daycare in Boca Raton, FL

Our dog daycare is a haven where your pet receives personalized attention and ample playtime. Serving Boca Raton, Pompano Beach, and the surrounding areas with love and care.

Your Dog’s Home Away From Home

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Play, Play and More Play

Treat your dog to a day of fun and engagement in a safe, fully-supervised environment.  Our daycare visitors can’t wait to make new doggie friends, soak up lots of human attention, and run around in the air conditioning.

  • Three spacious, air-conditioned playrooms offer lots of variety and room to explore.
  • Dogs love our playgroup equipment, safe toys, and interactive games.
  • Staff members are thoroughly-trained, always present, and eager to dote on your pup!
  • Playgroups are chosen based on size, age, personality, and play style.
  • Rubberized flooring provides a cushioned surface for healthy paws and joints.
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The Benefits of Doggy Daycare

In our daycare, we guarantee your dog’s mental and physical satisfaction. Drop off your pet, and at pick-up, you’ll have a happy, exercised companion ready for home relaxation. Dog daycare, endorsed by pet care professionals, fosters confident, well-adjusted dogs through supervised socialization. Exercise is crucial for canine health, and our fully-supervised, air-conditioned daycare provides ample playtime.

Common behavioral issues, from excessive barking to destructive habits, can be mitigated by offering the mental engagement dogs crave. Choose our program for a well-rounded pet while you go about your day.

Sleepy golden retriever pup resting on the floor of the store | Petlover Central

Petlover Central's Difference

Petlover Central’s purpose is to provide a safe, fun play environment for your four-legged “kids.” Everything at our facility was created with our own furry family members in mind.

We attend to the individual personalities of our canine guests while encouraging good habits through positive reinforcement.

All of our staff receive rigorous, on-going training in group play practices and pet first aid.

We maintain an ideal ratio of staff members to pets for the best in safety.

Live webcams are available for you to watch any time during normal daycare hours, so you can see all the fun your canine kid is having!

Doggie Daycare Guidelines

Nobody likes rules, but to keep Petlover Central a safe and fun place for your four legged pal, we do have a few…

  • Please reserve your pooch’s visit as far in advance as possible. Space is on a first-come,first-served basis.
  • All dogs will be evaluated to find the best daycare and boarding options for them
    Please call to schedule an appointment
  • At least 3 months (12 weeks) old
  • Well socialized
    Not protective of toys or space, no aggression or excessive passivity
  • Spayed or neutered
    Puppies may be unaltered until 8 months of age
  • Current on all vaccinations. At Petlover Central we require:
    • Rabies
    • Bordatella (canine cough)
    • Parvo/Distemper combination (DHLPP or similar)
    • Titers are accepted
  • Flea and tick control
    All dogs must be on a Petlover Central approved form of flea and tick control such as Frontline, Advantix or Revolution

Hurricane Stay Guidelines & Requirements

With our loving and experienced staff, your pooch will play the days away in the company of his or her favorite pals, just like any other day. In the event a hurricane warning is issued for the Boca Raton area, we will call your emergency contacts to schedule your pooch’s pick-up.

If we are unable to reach your emergency contacts, your pooch will be transported to a safe location at the discretion of the Petlover Central until a safe pick-up can be arranged (additional fees apply). Give us a call or stop in today for more information and emergency pet safety tips.

Hurricane Stay Requirements

  • Food and water for up to 7 days (food should be sealed in waterproof bags).
  • Current on vaccinations: Rabies, DHPP-C, and Bordatella.
  • Medications for up to 2 weeks in a waterproof bag.
  • Towels and/or extra bedding.
  • Vaccination records & photo of pet.
  • All clients must provide 2 emergency contacts who will be able to pick up their dog within 36 hours of a severe storm warning.
  • We will not take any dogs for boarding if a storm is projected to hit the Boca Raton/Delray Beach area.

Holidays and Birthdays

Is a holiday coming up that you want your furred bestie to look their best for? Got a card that you want to send others to show off just how cute your little buddy is? We offer photos for seasonal holidays!

Is your pup’s birthday around the corner? Let us throw them a tail-wagging celebration where they can hang out with their friends and enjoy the party.


  • Free day of daycare so they can play and run with their friends
  • Birthday photos to capture all the fun
  • Gift bag full of goodies to take home
Happy Birthday picture of a dog in a hat | Petlover Central
Happy Birthday picture of a dog in a hat | Petlover Central

Daycare Hours

Monday – Friday (excluding holidays)
7AM – 6:45PM
9AM – 5:45PM

Group of dogs at the daycare | Petlover Central


Yes! We have three play rooms to accommodate all pups; small, medium, and big dog room.

  • We do ask that you make reservations to ensure we have adequate space, but we understand life happens. You can always give us a call to check if we have space. Daycare and boarding is on a first come, first served basis.

Monday – Friday: 7am to 6:45pm
Saturday: 9am – 5:45pm
Sunday: 5pm-6pm
*open Sunday for boarding pick-ups only. 

We can’t wait to meet your pup! We will get you scheduled for our introductory evaluation day. It is a free day of play and we will monitor your dog to ensure they enjoy group play.

If they are over the age of 8 months, we do require that they are spayed or neutered.

  • We require Bordatella, DHPP, and Rabies. We also highly recommend Canine Influenza.

If your pet should require medical attention while in our care, we will make every attempt to contact you or your emergency contact. If we are unable to reach you, our customary procedure is to contact your veterinarian. All charges incurred will be your responsibility. If it is an emergency, we will take your pet to the closest veterinarian.

We ask that all dogs are in by 12pm and you can pick up whenever you’d like!

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